I was finally able to get my hands on the now famous Glossier beauty products! Here’s what I picked, what I’ll keep and what I’ll order next…

Also in this article: 10% off and a little tip to order Glossier products online when you don’t live in the US!

When I heard that Glossier products were (finally!) available in France at Colette, I had to check it out! Glossier was created by the team of IntoTheGloss, the famous Beauty Blog launched by Emily Weiss back in 2010. The brand is known for its amazing marketing, branding and strong social media presence – the brand was conceived by Beauty bloggers after all!

Went to Colette few days after the launch, probably for the last time since Colette will close in December, headed straight to the Beauty room and… it looked like they got robbed!!! I wasn’t the only one exited about Glossier’s launch apparently. I was still able to put my hands on a couple things I wanted:

photo glossier 2 text

The Cloud Paint cream blush

I went for the Dusk color and I loooove it! I always go for really natural-looking shades and I’m so happy with this one. The texture is light and easy to apply, and gave me the perfect result – it actually looks like I’m blushing!

Cloud Paint cream blush in Dusk, Glossier, $18, Here


The Balm Dotcom lip balm

Just another moisturizing lip balm, except it’s not! It keeps my lips hydrated longer (and they are always REALLY dry!), gives a subtle shimmer (I was scared it would be too glittery but it really isn’t) and… it smells DELICIOUS! I picked the Birthday flavor, but now I want to try all the other ones!

Birthday Balm Dotcom, Glossier, $12, Here


The Lip Gloss

Ok this one is great but maybe a bit too much for me, being used to very natural finish – but who knows, might be useful someday for a party or something! What it does: moisturize for sure but gives you this super shiny crystal clear gloss without glitter or anything, just pure shine. It’s the kind of gloss my sister would have dreamed of, back in the 90’s when the Spice Girls were big (definitely not me – I was a tomboy back then).

Clear Lip Gloss, Glossier, $14, Here


What do I want to get next? DEFINITELY their new “Body Hero” Duo, the combo of a daily oil wash and a perfecting body lotion that seem pretty amazing! Also heard that their Milky Jelly Cleanser is fantastic.

You can get 10% off your first Glossier order using my link here : 

You can get your Glossier order delivered outside the US via the website:


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